About Greenleaf Financial

Greenleaf Financial is an independent financial advisory firm providing services in financial wellness, investment management, insurance strategies, and retirement planning for individuals and institutions. We are fiduciaries and always put our clients’ interests first. Our greatest motivating factor is helping our clients achieve personal and financial success.

Greenleaf Financial is the creation of two powerful and experienced firms, Cafaro Greenleaf Retirement Advisors and First Capital Advisors Group, coming together with one common goal: to create financial peace of mind through education. We believe our financial wellness and comprehensive financial planning help our clients to enjoy life on their terms.

Meet Our Team

James D. Hiles

Jim Dee

Jamie Greenleaf

What sets Greenleaf Financial apart from other wellness providers?

Our roots are based upon comprehensive retirement planning. Our solutions are not limited to websites or dependent on product vendors.

We are a dedicated and passionate team of individuals who recognize the enormous unmet need for Financial Literacy across the country.

Our mission is to empower people to make effective personal finance and career decisions throughout their lives.